v4Taking up the challenge of transition from a major securities firm to a venture company

After four years of sales experience at a major securities firm, I made the decision to join WeCapital with my coworkers from the same cohort.Every day is a cycle of challenges and errors, and I frequently face difficulties, but I sense that my expertise and knowledge expanding, and I am growing on a daily basis.The proximity to the company’s president and executives, as well as the speed and energy with which we grew from fewer than 10 employees when I started to over 30 now, is unrivaled in a venture company!The term ‘financial industry’ may conjure up images of stability. However, at WeCapital, the environment is set up for us to challenge the leaders of the financial industry.Wouldn’t you like to work with the best team possible while also experiencing growth and challenges? Let’s work together to make a bright future for finance!