Approachfundraisingand investmentswith ease.
Finance should not be something special.
It should not be for the benefit of only a few.

Fundraising and investing both need to be more openly integrated into society.
By establishing a level and equitable platform, we hope to increase global financial inclusion, similar to arteries that connect every part of the body.

For those who invest in and face challenges in business. Both parties safely supporting one another in a fair, open, and transparent system.
That is the world that we aspire to.

Establishing more connections in the future
between challengers and supporters.
We are dedicated to building a platform where aspiring individuals and businesses looking to take on new challenges can share their goals.
Through this platform, sympathetic fans can offer support, and those considering challenges can present their ideas in a suitable setting.
We want to create a system where supporters can see opportunities to sponsor and offer their help.
This system will not only empower Japanese businesses, but it will also establish a framework for assisting entrepreneurs from all over the world. We sincerely hope for your continued support and patronage in the future.

Make investment and procurement casual.

The origin of our company name
Our company name, 'WeCapital,' is a combination of 'We' (us) and 'Capital' (assets), representing our desire to create more financial opportunities for a broader audience and advance the democratization of finance.
Our brand slogan
Our slogan, 'Approach fundraising and investments with ease,' reflects our commitment to making finance fair and transparent, allowing more people to invest with ease and allowing more businesses to access the funding they require.